KW-SJSPK091 25ct Argand 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker


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Min 25 pc order  Set up charge $50
The Argand Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank with Wireless Charging is the perfect triple threat. Most Bluetooth speakers have a small battery (usually under 500mAh), but with the robust 2000mAh battery in the Argand, you can listen for hours uninterrupted. Twin speakers will provide a clear, loud sound with rich bass. The Argand also functions as a power bank so you can top off your phone via the wireless charging pad or USB port making it a great everyday item whether outdoors or in!
3 days production 3 -5 day ship
Key features:
- Customized light up logo on the front panel
- 5W wireless charger
- 2000mah powerbank
- Bluetooth speaker